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IDaaS offers employees highly secure access to all company IT applications

iWelcome supports PostNL’s 100% Cloud Strategy with Identity and Access Management as a Service (IDaaS). PostNL has chosen iWelcome because their solution offers employees a highly secure access to all company IT applications located in the cloud.

To PostNL, iWelcome IDaaS is a flexible, scalable and cost-effective solution that seamlessly meets the needs of the postal organization for more flexible IT facilities, with variable costs. With the likes of Microsoft, SAP and Salesforce, iWelcome is now one of PostNL’s strategic IT vendors.

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How to be agile with new
e-commerce challenges in the Cloud?

PostNL has been coping with changing market situations for many years. Regular mail has steadily declined, but parcel business is growing as a result of a further rise in e-commerce activity. While market conditions continue to change at high pace, PostNL will have to constantly come up with new propositions in order to grow.

“The volatility in the market will need to be followed up with even more flexible services, business models and IT,” said PostNL’s Manager Cloud IT/Integration and Connectivity. “We must scale up as volumes increase and scale down as volumes decrease. Our IT organisation needs to be agile to help us deal with these challenges. That is why we opted for a utility structure, or 100% Cloud.”

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Collaboration for mobile users

To ensure properly secured and fully compliant access to its approximately forty clouds, PostNL sought broad and flexible identity management functionality. The bar was raised to a level that was higher than many IAM products in the market could offer. “Single Sign-On access to cloud applications is really insufficient. Many existing solutions simply lack cloud functionality, particularly for mobile users who need to collaborate with partner organisations. For our cloud aspirations it was essential to have a comprehensive IAM functionality that is specifically built for an enterprise context. That brought us to iWelcome IDaaS.”

No concessions in the areas of privacy and security
PostNL required their solution to grant access to large numbers of employees within a short timeframe and without making concessions in the areas of privacy and security. Additionally, the solution needed to be based on open standards, and at the same time offer great flexibility.

Standard service with many out-of-the-box features
iWelcome IDaaS was selected in the first place because it is a cloud-based service and its supplier is based in Europe. “With the requirements at hand, we thoroughly investigated the offerings in the market. iWelcome offered a functional fit on all important issues. Where we might previously have opted for expensive custom solutions and lengthy development projects, we consciously chose a standard service with many out-of-the-box features, that offers us everything we need, even up to the level of multi-factor authentication.” In addition, the solution meets PostNL’s requirements in terms of worldwide support and open standards such as SAML, SCIM, OAuth and OpenID Connect.

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European supplier that meets its compliancy standards

Besides the need for a perfect functional fit, PostNL had requirements in terms of price and storage location. iWelcome IDaaS emerged as best vendor in both areas. After extensive research, supported by Gartner, PostNL concluded that iWelcome IDaaS is the only European supplier that meets its standards, bound by European regulations. “With iWelcome IDaas we know that the identity data remains in the Netherlands and the Disaster Recovery facility in Germany. Even though we accept that our cloud strategy results in off-premise storage, we still like to have this data close at hand.”

Rapid compliancy
iWelcome also received positive PostNL reviews for compliance. With iWelcome IDaaS, PostNL can very quickly be compliant with respect to ISO27001: the management of identity data for information security, which includes identity management. Another requirement that iWelcome effortlessly met, is that of being ‘open’ to the future: iWelcome is based on proven open source components and open standards.

TCO benefits
PostNL’s low TCO is partly a result of its multi-vendor cloud strategy based on SAP, Salesforce, AWS and Microsoft Azure (with iWelcome as the glue for seamless access), as well as the dismantling of PostNL Datacenters. The combination of the variable cost (lower personnel count, lower cost) and the ability to quickly grant new staff acces to applications, offers an important TCO-benefit. Furthermore, the iWelcome IDaaS concept is not only less labour-intensive, but also saves on costs and compliance audits.

IDaaS offers growth model
The flexibility of iWelcome IDaaS in the PostNL environment extends far into the future. The open structure allows PostNL to easily grant access to (cloud) applications and user groups for many years to come.

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PostNL business benefits

  • Cloud enables agility
  • Single Sign-On for enterprise context
  • Comprehensive IAM functionality
  • Integrating all cloud platforms
  • Always On 24/7 support
  • Rapid implementation within 3 months
  • Low TCO

PostNL facts

  • 100% Cloud via IDaaS
  • 50,000 employees
  • Access to 40 (private) clouds
  • Access to 100+ applications
  • Employee Self Service
  • One Single Sign-On

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