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A no-nonsense onboarding and login experience without
‘Purple Crocodiles’ at OHRA



Business Users

OHRA Block 1


OHRA is one of the largest and most innovative insurers in the Netherlands, serving more than 600,000 consumers with a variety of insurance services. Thanks to creative advertising campaigns, OHRA is known as the insurance company that skips ‘Purple Crocodiles’, unnecessary hassle that policyholders could run into.

By getting rid of hassle, OHRA makes its services, processes and communication clearer, easier and faster. In order to improve the registration and login process, OHRA decided to look for a Consumer IAM solution.

OHRA Block 2

Frictionless onboarding and login for consumers

Identity Management is one of the essential components to achieve a hassle-free journey for the OHRA-insured, from frictionless registration and onboarding to logging into the ‘My OHRA’ environment. OHRA was looking for an Identity platform to enhance security, and make sure that customers could login across services and channels using Single Sign On.

As their former customer registration process was batch-oriented, customers could not directly start using their service once registered. This meant that registration and onboarding processes should be simplified.

OHRA Block 3

Simple registration flow with step-up when needed

To facilitate a flawless customer experience, OHRA uses a standard registration flow with a minimum of attributes needed to match the user through their internal matching service. Users can either self-register or register by invitation.

Since OHRA also offers financial products (health insurance, banking) that require a stricter identity verification process, there is a trigger in place to start a step-up registration flow, using an integration with external identity provider iDIN, the Dutch bank ID. With iDIN, a verification check is being performed, but it can also be used to enrich the profile information with additional known attributes.

In-app security
The login process at OHRA is pretty simple, according to their no-nonsense mentality. Users have a login and password, and there is a Two-Factor Authentication solution using SMS in place. Thanks to the introduction of iWelcome’s Mobile SDK, this can now further be improved with in-app authentication.

OHRA Block 4

OHRA for business users

Besides a broad offering for consumers, OHRA also offers a business insurance for self-employed, OHRA ZZP. This product covers business liability and legal expenses, but also contents and laptop/tablet insurance. OHRA uses a different federation store within the iWelcome platform to manage these entrepreneurs.

This means that OHRA ZZP insured can benefit from single sign-on for all their business insurances, but the business and personal insurances are managed separately with different credentials.

OHRA Block 5

Business Benefits

OHRA chose iWelcome for best product fit to cope with their main challenges and for its European focus with local support. The European focus also meant that local external identity providers – in OHRA’s case iDIN - are supported. With iWelcome's CIAM solution, OHRA was able to improve its Consumer Identity Management on several key areas:

  • With Single Sign On, OHRA can now offer one customer journey over different services and channels.
  • Thanks to iWelcome’s flexible infrastructure, OHRA is able to automate the customer registration process, leading to more happy customers.
  • With BankID (iDIN) as a part of iWelcome’s solution, OHRA significantly improved their digital customer verification process.

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