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Supermarket cuts costs and provides secure employee services with iWelcome





Identity Platform

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Easy and safe entrance to Detailresult’s
well-protected platforms

Efficiency is the key to success in retail. Employees and managers at supermarket organisation Detailresult (Dekamarkt, Dirk van den Broek and other brands) organise their work more efficiently thanks to the introduction of two self service portals. iWelcome provides their 20,000 employees and managers simple, secure and seamless access to all the information they need to deliver quality results for the business and its customers.

About Detailresult
Detailresult Group in is a family enterprise, with 285 branches and an annual turnover of €2 billion. The organisation wanted to achieve efficiency and economies of scale in the implementation of central functions such as purchasing, administration, logistics, HR and ICT. To this end, procedures for employees and branch managers are now being handled online as much as possible: timesheets, expense claims and consulting payslips. Also important management tasks such as planning, recruitment and selection of store employees have been digitised resulting in a number of disparate online services, requiring a single and secure access point..

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The need: Security and Privacy

The need for a good, affordable and robust IAM solution became apparent when Detailresult selected AFAS as its partner for the HR system of the organisation. “We want employees to enjoy a smooth login and to be able to easily check and process their data. Also, when managers login in from outside the Detailresult network, or from home via VPN, we want them to log in with a double protection (via an SMS token and password).

AFAS, nor our current employee and managers portal had provisions to fill this requirement. That’s why we chose iWelcome to implement SSO and two-factor authentication for our platforms.” says Joost van der Wal, Enterprise Architect Applications at Detailresult Services.

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Identity from the cloud, yet flexible

Joost van der Wal commented, “Detailresult is - and I say this with pride - a real grocery organsation, in the sense that we are always looking for good, cost-effective solutions, preferably lean and mean.”

To be as cost-efficient as possible, Detailresult wanted a standards based solution, compliant with known international requirements. The solution was required to be delivered as a flexible service. A complete one-off managed service was out of the question, because of the need for low cost and long-term flexibility & viability.

iWelcome immediately scored high points with its standards based solution with rich functionality, standards support and as-a-service delivery. Jelle de Bruine, Technical Application Manager: “For us, a standards based product makes it easier to introduce new applications on the platforms in the future. This is quite a change from Detailresult’s earlier practice, with applications that we developed in-house, based on open source. With iWelcome we will be able to connect easy with any application the market may offer in the future.”

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Introducing new services securely and rapidly

A product like iWelcome provides cost saving opportunities, thanks to easier development and implementation of new solutions. According to De Bruine and Van der Wal, “the company has high expectations of the IT organisation for rapid introduction of innovations. We needed to step up our pace.”

In the end it is not only cost savings that count, quality is paramount. Detailresult requires a high performing and secure IAM solution. Jelle de Bruine: “iWelcome proved that security is guaranteed and that users can always access their data easily, even at peak times. At the end of the month – when salaries get paid – employees need to be able to consult their hour administration and pay slip. And managers should always be able to work in their ordering system, 24x7, effortlessly and optimally protected. iWelcome should certainly perform flawlessly at such moments.”

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Working together

After the Proof of Concept (PoC) was delivered successfully, iWelcome and AFAS worked closely together resulting in a seamless link between Detailresult’s HR system and iWelcome’s IAM solution.

What's next: new opportunities
At Detailresult, the digitisation continues. Employees and managers now enter their data; mileage, statements, schedules, reports on a daily basis transforming their interactions with the business and with iWelcome realising reduced operational costs and increased security. The employee and manager self-service feature also saves the HR department time, manpower and money.

Jelle de Bruine: “We rely on iWelcome to meet the targets of the future. There is still a great number of opportunities ahead of us.”

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Detailresult business benefits

  • Secure and seamless access
  • Employee / Manager self-service
  • Cost savings
  • Increased user satisfaction
  • New IT-services can be delivered quickly

Detailresult facts

  • Workforce access to SaaS applications
  • Step-up authentication for managers
  • Low TCO
  • 24/7 access inclusive of peak hours
  • Deployed in 3 months

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