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Employees worldwide


New vessels per Year



Damen Shipyards

Damen was established by two brothers back in 1927. Today, with a global workforce of more than 12,000 employees and a production capacity up to 180 vessels per year, Damen Shipyards Group has earned a leading position in the shipbuilding world. At heart, Damen is still a family company with family values and a deep respect for the Dutch maritime heritage.

In 1969 Kommer Damen introduced the concept of modular construction to build small boats and launches. This concept of standardisation (known today as The Damen Standard) generated clear advantages: fast delivery times, reduced costs and proven designs. Damen took over numerous yards specialising in niche markets. This led to the establishment of partnerships and business cooperation’s with yards all over the world.

Damen does more than build ships – it also has an international network of lifecycle support services that includes maintenance and repair & conversion facilities.



Damen experienced steady growth over the past years and hence many client portals were introduced, all using their own IAM implementations.  As Damen is seeking to expand its online presence significantly, it has structured its ambition in a roadmap comprising the complete digital experience of all its customers and user communities.

A centralised CIAM solution is put at the heart of this strategy. By doing so Damen aims to reduce complexity, increase scalability and improve security, while enabling commercial, engineering and service departments to use customer related data in their interactions.


Different Digital Platform Users

With the increased digital interaction, Damen anticipates to serve more than 10.000 users. These users can be split in different user groups on the customer side, requiring access to different digital information sources and application – they all get delegated access to parts of the Damen portals:

  • Operational Managers or Fleet Manager – These users monitor the fleet. They monitor the location, speed, temperature of the vessels under control.
  • Financial and Contract Managers – These users are responsible for the contractual relationship. A lot of documents and financial processes come with a vessel: contracts, invoices, warranties and claims.
  • Operators and Maintenance – These users operate and maintain the ships. They need to be certified to do their work, need to have insight in the manuals and maintenance schedule.

They all operate capital goods that are essential for the company they work for, whether that is a fishing company, a port, a towage service provider, the marine or a dredging company. They require frictionless and immediate -yet highly secure- access to the portals assisting in the execution of their work.

iWelcome & Damen

iWelcome & Damen

iWelcome provided Damen in just 3 months with an agile B2B CIAM platform to serve the customers of Damen, integrated with various portals, with the ships and the backend systems and provides a fine grained delegation model for all their customer users.

It is not only the agility of the platform that made Damen decide for iWelcome, also as a worldwide specialist in the field of CIAM, iWelcome was selected for its expertise, to make the right choices.

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