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a.s.r. has a long history of providing carefree insurance products to its customers on the Dutch marketAs the company grew, it became a typical merger organisation with a wide range of brands and products, all with different backend systems and processes. In their ambition to onboard and service their customers online and to provide a frictionless customer journey across brands, a.s.r. drew up a step-by-step IAM vision for the coming years, with iWelcome as trusted partner. 

a.s.r.’s challenge is a typical phenomenon in the insurance industry. Insurance companies are often merger organisations that offer products across brands, varying from life and employee benefits to non-life, all with different ways to consult policies and systems and targeting different user groups. On top of that, there are often resellers and other business partners involved. This means that multiple target groups need to access multiple applications through multiple channels, often across brands.

a.s.r. realised that unifying the customer experience doesn’t happen overnight. In order to ensure their security and marketing goals, they looked for a cloud CIAM vendor that would be up for a partnership for multiple years, including joint roadmap conversations to keep meeting the evolving usability and security standards in the highly evolving area of Customer Identity. Their search led to iWelcome.  

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Identity Validation with IDIN

One of the issues that a.s.r. faced in their existing home-grown landscape, was that their online customer database did not meet the standards of reliability that they were looking for.
Their customers’ identities
needed to be re-validated and subsequently be matched against the systems of records.

That’s why, instead of migration, a.s.r. took the bold decision to re-onboard their customers, based on a valid Identity Proofing scheme, in this case the Dutch bank ID iDINThis way, all the data in the new Identity database would be reliable and secure according to the legal identification processes of the Dutch banks, an important prerequisite for organisations in financial services.

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Brand per brand onboarding

a.s.r. took a brand-per-brand approach for the re-onboarding and validation of their customers. For one of the first brands, matching against the systems of records for the iWelcome Identity system was additionally done using the policy number as a unique identifier. This approach was further extended, with small adjustments per brand based on the matching requirements for the backend data. For some brands, other data identifiers were needed to link the backend information to iWelcome. In the end, this resulted in one platform to unite all brands, thanks to the option to link to multiple data identifiers and thanks to the flexible user journey orchestration capabilities of iWelcome.

The next step was to extend the unified platform to the front-end, in order to provide customers with the best customer experience. a.s.r. created their own customer-friendly UI across brands, based on business and marketing requirements. This UI functions on top of iWelcome as a unified portal that connects through APIs to all different backend systems.

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Integration with Dutch eIDAS for business partners

a.s.r. does a lot of their business through intermediaries that have access to their B2B portal, Cockpit. On top of that they have a real estate branch that services business partners and lesseesThe insurance industry in the Netherlands is working on a unified login for business users through the (government accredited) eID scheme ‘eHerkenning’, also notified under eIDAS. Since iWelcome is one of the brokers for the eHerkenning scheme, it was a small step to implement it in the total IAM infrastructure. 

“The implementation of eHerkenning was no rocket science and the usage has been surprisingly high after launch.”
Kees Tuijnman

Kees Tuijnman
Head of IT at a.s.r.

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A day-to-day relationship with customers 

The insurance industry is in full motion. Besides online relationships with customers, there are many business initiatives within a.s.r. to remain relevant for customers, such as health apps and advice tools for personal finance. In some scenarios, the entry level for customers is very minimal to secure a user-friendly experience and data minimisationThe advice tool for personal finance for example has a very simple registration flow. A potential customer registers with just an email address, fills out their statistics and gets an advice. Through a magic link, users keep access to their file, for as long as needed depending on the scenario.

With iWelcomea.s.r. relies on one single source of registration and authentication, with the option to create different flows per brand and businessline. This enables a.s.r. to no longer use their product as a starting point to service the customer, but to enhance their customer-centric approach to service their customers in a way that makes their daily lives easier.

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