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Accelerate your digital business with frictionless, secure and privacy protected identity management for consumers, business customers and employees.

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Many organisations across various industries rely on iWelcome for serving their users with secure authentication and identity lifecycle management.

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Founded in 2011, Welcome is Europe's 'green' leader in IAM solutions, with an innovative approach to Consent Lifecycle Management and top-class private cloud technology.


We love to share knowledge and news on digital identities and iWelcome’s products. There is food for thought for everybody, from geeks to rookies. We appreciate your feedback!

Case Studies

The voice of our customers



Copernicus is Europe’s successful earth observation program. The European Space Agency provides access to all data Copernicus has gathered in the past 20 years, in a platform by the name of sobloo, led by Airbus, Orange Business Services and Capgemini, featuring iWelcome's CIAM platform. 



WMF, a globally operating coffee machine manufacturer, is known for its innovative character within the coffee business. The company is now leading the coffee machine revolution by connecting machines and enabling them to communicate seamlessly.



As part of a broad digital transformation program, Helvetia Group was looking for a way to give 5 million customers and 7,000 employees in 6 countries access to its digital platform. Helvetia teamed up with iWelcome to help optimise their customer journey and to boost the enterprise’s cloud strategy.



Being one of Europe’s most innovative tech companies, Quby is on a game-changing mission: to convert the energy industry from merely supplying to offering a service that helps people deal with every-day needs and challenges.



When an energy company brings together several different brands across multiple European markets, the question of effectiveness of having several online customer access platforms is bound to be brought up sooner or later.

PostNL (Consumers)

PostNL - Consumers 

PostNL, the Dutch parcel and mail company, has made a major change in the way it offers its online services to consumers and businesses. It has transitioned from offering a variety of online services with separate user databases, logins and passwords.

PostNL (Employees)

PostNL - Employees

iWelcome supports PostNL’s 100% Cloud Strategy with IDaaS, offering employees highly secure access to all company IT applications located in the cloud. A flexible, scalable and cost-effective solution that seamlessly meets the needs of the postal organisation.



ThiemeMeulenhoff is in the transition process from being an educational publisher to becoming a designer of learning processes. The former publisher of traditional paper textbooks is increasingly developing more personalized and effective education methods.

Detailresult Groep

Detailresult Group

Efficiency is the key to success in retail. Employees and managers at supermarket organisation Detailresult (Dekamarkt, Dirk van den Broek and other brands) organise their work more efficiently thanks to the introduction of two self service portals.

Southen Water

Southern Water

Southern Water identified Identity & Access Management (IAM) as the cornerstone for protecting and offering IT-services. They contracted Capgemini and iWelcome to enable access for employees and contractors to their IT-services.