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We live in a I-want-it-now economy

Jul 31, 2022 3:30:08 PM

In this blog, Arnold Leenders, Manager Operations at iWelcome, shares his thoughts on the "I-want-it-now" economy and its growing dependence on identity management.

I am old...

According to my 15-year-old daughter I am old. Indeed, I remember the time that internet was for techies and access to the corporate network was by two analogue lines and a dial safe. However, there's something me and my daughter have in common: I want things now.

I want to be in control of my bank account whenever I want to.
I want to pay with my phone when I need it
I want to check my heating system at home when I'm away
I want to check whether my lights are still on
I want to see who is standing before the door, even if I'm not at home

I want it all. And I want it now.

The good thing is that more and more services are developed that meet these needs. The bad thing is that frustrations rise earlier than ever before once things are not available (while technically possible). One of my big frustrations at this moment is to have four mobile phone contracts for my family that I pay and I need four usernames/password to check the bills.

The growing importance of managing digital consumer identities

To meet today's demand, it has become crucial to address the following needs:

  • Customers need to be granted access to services anywhere, anytime and from any device.
  • Customers demand one User Interface for all services offered by an organisation.
  • All new types of Identity of Things (IoT) solutions need to be linked to a consumer identity
  • GDPR requires organisations to be more transparent with regards to personal data allowing consumer access and control

The key to coping with these challenges lies in the way organisations manage their identities. Where identity management within organisations used to be rather straightforward - their employees needed access rights for the applications used - things have become way more complex. And that requires a different approach.

As Manager Operations within Europe's leading Consumer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) provider, I have seen the role of consumer identity grow in importance over the past years. Moreover, I know what it takes to provide a reliable identity management product compliant to the rules and threats of today. Not to mention operational challenges as capacity planning, continuously monitoring improvements and recently more and more pen tests by script kiddies who fire a lot of URLs to our systems to see if they can get in with Perl admin URLs.

Can organisations still do all that without the help of a CIAM provider? I doubt it…...

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