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The importance of Identity | 5 examples

Esther Westra
April 16, 2020 at 2:41 PM

The current Corona crises has drastically changed our lives and the way we interact, resulting in creative ways to stay in touch. Some companies are looking for out-of-the-box ideas to keep generating business, others are finding new ways to cope and meet the increase in demand through online channels. We have more time on our hands, driving us to online ways of entertainment. Digital connections are now more important than ever, with Identity at the heart. At iWelcome we support mission critical business that facilitate the current way of living. Our 5 favourite examples: 

The importance of Identity - Southern Water

1. Water supply - Southern Water

At the moment, it’s even more important that people can continue to wash their hands regularly as advised, wash their clothes, have showers, drink, flush toilets and more. Southern Water's key workers are operating 24/7 to keep taps and sewers flowing, logging in to their systems with iWelcome. 

The importance of Identity - ThiemeMeulenhoff 2

2. Education - ThiemeMeulenhoff

All over Europe, schools are closed, and children are staying at home. Thanks to digital identity, these millions of school kids have access to online learning environments. By using digital educational materials, children can keep interacting with their teachers. Our customer ThiemeMeulenhoff is playing a big role in the process. 

The importance of Identity - Detailresult-Groep

3. Retail - Detailresult Groep

Supermarkets are currently under a lot of pressure to restock the shelves. The supply of different branches has almost doubled at one of the Netherlands' leading supermarket chains, Detailresult Groep. Planning of staff is even more critical than usual. Thanks to identity, Detailresult's staff makes sure that supermarkets can keep delivering our most basic needs.

The importance of Identity - PostNL

4. Logistics - PostNL

While most of us stay home as much as we can, mail companies such as PostNL (the Dutch post) are working day and night to respond to the peak in packages. And it's not only packages... we have rediscovered ways to keep in touch and brighten each other's day with letters and postcards. Thanks to identity, the 50.000 Post NL employees, from mail sorters to postal carriers, can do their jobs and make sure we stay connected!

The importance of Identity - KB

5. Publishing - Royal Library

Although the Dutch Royal Library (KB) had to close the doors of their physical locations, they are open online with a large collection of e-books and audiobooks, so people can keep reading. The huge peaks in traffic that they currently experience, demonstrate the importance of flexibility and scalability for media and publishing companies.

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