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‘No More Passwords’, is it a Must- or Wannahave?

Menno Doorenspleet
May 6, 2021 at 1:09 PM

With over half of the total internet traffic now being on mobile, a frictionless mobile user experience is more important than ever. It can make or break your business.

Most organisations recognise that and know they need to do ‘something’ with mobile and a passwordless customer journey. With technology moving forward, anything is possible, and many organisations ask themselves: “Do we want to go passwordless?” This is often answered with yes. But HOW do you do that? What is the business case? In this blog, I will tell you more about my experience from my meetings with companies that are working on the passwordless question: Must- or Wannahave?

Going passwordless requires thinking ahead, predicting customer behaviour and considering future business developments. How does passwordless fit in your user journey, that may differ from your business proposition and therewith from the different usergroups you’re addressing?

It is obvious that organisations think differently on how to implement the customer journey, for business requirements as well as regulatory requirements. iWelcome’s Mobile Identity solution differentiates by offering flexible workflows, a critical requirement to adapt to future changes. It consists of a powerful set of passwordless login and authentication options that enhance the mobile user experience. We partner with organisations to establish the right user journey that fits their business needs, including the flexibility following the business needs.

1. What is the customer profile?

One of the repeating topics is the need for organisations to identify their customer profile. Digital and marketing teams have to be involved in those discussions because they can elaborate on differentiators like e.g. age and disability. Some of our clients have brands that mainly serve elderly customers who still tend to log in on desktop and don’t always have a smartphone to use authentication apps. For them, going passwordless is less relevant then for labels that focus on young people, who are scared away by passwords.

And what about disability and inclusion? Do you need a solution for customers with visual impairment for example? The Mobile Identity voice function could help out on the technical side. But then, how does that fit into the overall customer experience? Can you just replace the existing user journey with voice or should you create a different scenario? This is good to take into consideration.

2. Who has an account?

Structures and family accounts are important in the user journey orchestration, also within Mobile Identity. Customers can be individuals, but also households. Who in the household is the customer and should have access to a service? Who needs an account and interacts with the organisation? Should there be a relationship structure or delegation in place?

Let’s take pet insurances as an example: does your dog require a username for its pet insurance? No, but its owner does. If you don’t think this through you might end up in having identities from pets in your system with related access…

3. Security

Keeping customer data safe and protecting your organisation against data breaches is essential. Adopting a passwordless approach will strengthen your security posture significantly. It does however require finding a balance between optimal security and user experience. For example, logging in with a code through SMS is less secure then logging in with an app. But are customers willing to download an app for the service that you are offering? An insurance company probably has more loyal customers that will use the app on a more frequent basis. But for a web store where they only buy once or twice a year, a customer would probably prefer the SMS option.

4. User scenarios

So after identifying the customer profile and checking security standards, it is time to think about user scenarios. These scenario’s mostly come from the business, marketing or digital teams and are set-up to further improve and increase the business goals. Thinking of including a loyalty-program is an interesting topic we see more and more. If an organisation already has an app in place you can add security with Mobile Identity from iWelcome. With our mobile SDK you’ve got a toolbox full of possibilities to add authentication to your app, and you can really create your own desired customer journey.

An example is a large restaurant & bar operator in the UK. All restaurants are independent, but behind the scenes they are part of the network. They want to increase their revenue by having their customers reserve restaurants on the go, during and post COVID-19. Are you in Manchester? Let’s make a reservation in the app, at a restaurant that we know you’ll like based on preferences. The user would be an individual that wants to have drinks or dinner. An important requirement is loyalty of that customer. If they like bar A, would they also visit bar B if they are in a different town? They need a reason to get the app, create an account and leave quite some personal details. Consent and preference management should be in place, but location sharing would also be a great feature, in order to offer the best possible suggestions. Dietary requirements could be added, but are sensitive personal data and should be secured as such. All these requirements should be addressed in the decision of getting the passwordless app.
And in the end, the benefits should warrant the cost.

‘No More passwords’ – Is it a Must- or Wannahave?

A brief checklist in hand to start-up the discussions with your peers in either Business – Digital/Marketing and IT. Technically, anything is possible. But do you have a business case?

Checklist before going passwordless


  1. What is your customer profile?
    Age? Gender? Disabilities?
  2. Who has an account?
    Family accounts? Mandates? Dog?
  3. What are the Security requirements?
    Regulations? Sensitive data?
  4. What are the use cases?
    Differences per brand? Target groups?

All boxes checked? You’re ready to answer the question: ‘No More Passwords’, is it a Must- or Wannahave?

This is our bread-and-butter. Our expertise is available for you – so you can focus on what you do best, your core-business. Do you need support and guidance from the experts? Contact us and we’re happy to start the conversation.

Feel free to repost this blog on your website! But when you do so, please be so kind to mention the source and give us a notice via marketing@iwelcome.com.

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