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Landed 2020! On behalf of the crew I would like to thank you for flying iWelcome

Dec 23, 2020 12:00:00 AM

"Good evening, this is your iWelcome captain with a final destination update"

Upon take-off, I updated you on our 2020 flight-plan. We are now about to close our 2020 journey and we (all) have experienced serious and unexpected turbulence. The flight attendant spilled coffee over my flight-plan and we had to take decisions on the spot. Nevertheless, we have landed the year safely and we will be happy to welcome you on-board in 2021.

With most of the EU in lockdown and festivities being reduced to family events only, it is also a good time to contemplate on the achievements of a past year as a basis to derive new ideas and ambitions for 2021 and beyond. This I like to share with you:

  • Providing digital identity for many essential processes, iWelcome was declared part of the Netherlands’ critical infrastructure running uninterrupted operations as traffic spiked due to the COVID-19 lockdowns;

  • iWelcome closed a financing round pre-summer and drove the company to profitability from July 2020 onwards: demonstrating unprecedented financial performance in our industry;

  • Bank grade Mobile Identity, MFA, Mobile SDK and secure in-app messaging and e- Signing complement iWelcome’s CIAM since June;

  • B2B Identity has become a new territory in the identity space. We renewed our B2B delegation offering and launched our B2B-module RITM late summer;

  • eID and eIDAS adoption has grown and their largest users in the Netherlands (Tax and Customs Administration, Ministry of Economic) affairs have selected iWelcome again as their broker. The Dutch Institute for Public Health (RIVM) will use iWelcome for its vaccination portal;

  • Gartner & KuppingerCole declared iWelcome worldwide Product & Innovation Leader for CIAM and Consent Management for the 4th consecutive year. They recommend EU companies to put iWelcome on their shortlist;

  • Innovative organisations like Damen Shipyards, several EU insurers and leading institutions like the European Central Bank have chosen iWelcome for their mission critical Identity Management for the coming years.

COVID-19: iWelcome declared part of the Netherlands critical infrastructure showing 100% uptime and uninterrupted operations as traffic spiked immensely

Early March the Dutch government joined other EU governments in taking serious pre-cautions to contain the spread of COVID-19. Ushering drastic measures from Mid-March, including closure of schools, restaurants, bars and sports clubs while homeworking became the new standard.

This immediately led to a surge in internet usage for some of iWelcome’s customers as they cater for, for instance post & parcel-delivery in the Netherlands, home-learning for pupils and students, supermarkets, financial stability, economic support and pandemic control.

Furthermore, the Dutch electronic identification services for business to government (eHerkenning) became critical infrastructure to assist the economic support measures provided by the Government. Since a mere 70% of the transactions and authentications are handled by iWelcome, iWelcome became listed as one of the companies critical for the Netherlands.

The events from March proved that practice is unruly and cannot always be foreseen in risk analysis. Yet, although no stress-test scenario with this scope was anticipated by iWelcome, our identity platform handled the spiking traffic without any downtime nor loss of performance.

iWelcome landed a financing round pre-summer and is since July 2020 the only profitable IDaaS vendor in the market

In the height of the first COVID-19 wave, Dexteritas (www.dexteritas.nl) joined the existing iWelcome shareholders with monetary skin in the game by adding a significant financing to the company.

With this capital injection iWelcome can expedite its roadmap for B2C and B2B Identity & Access Management and accelerate its sales strategy. With its solid cash position and being the only profitable IDaaS vendor in the market, iWelcome can on top of operational stability also demonstrate financial stability and continuity to companies that rely on Identity to run their digital business.

Mobile Identity launched in 2020

There is no omnichannel customer experience without mobile. iWelcome therefore enriched its palette of MFA solutions, client SDK’s and widget support with a mobile SDK. By doing so, iWelcome has allowed its customers and their mobile app builders to integrate banking grade security as part of their apps. The mobile SDK will enable in-app authentication and e-signing. Connected to iWelcome’s core Identity platform, it provides a unified authentication experience across services and channels.

The renewed B2B and delegation platform – the new territory in digital identity

Built on the concepts of Relations, Identity, Things and Mandates (dubbed RITM), the B2B platform sets a new standard for delegated privileged user management for external users. RITM delivers key functionality for B2B Access Management, B2B Customer Identity and B2B2C use cases like broker and dealer delegation, guest accounts, parental control, customer care and things integration propositions. RITM supports multi-level delegation, multi-business hierarchies, invitation, self-registration and elevation (RBAC, CBAC).

iWelcome RITM is designed and architected on the basis of no-code, localisation and configuration first. RITM will in 2021 become available in industry-specific configurations (like insurance, financial services, engineering & capital goods manufacturing), however customers themselves can also easily alter skin and lingo to reflect their business specifics.

CIAM & Consent Management: iWelcome Product & Innovation Leader for over 4 years now

Little less then 5 year ago, iWelcome entered the Consumer Identity (CIAM) space. We had a clear vision of combining ease-of-use with strong privacy protection as this is part of our EU DNA. And on that vision we continually expand, adding “Just enough authentication”, social, passwordless, “use what you have” and step-up authentication to make the user experience hassle-free.

For sectors with higher KYC and proofing demands (JIT & Step-up), iWelcome’s onboarding flows can be flexibly extended to include additional verification with country specific eID’s or bank ID’S (like iDIN, France Connect, DigiD, eHerkenning, itsme, Verimi, BankID, GovUK, SPID).

Consent Management is an integral part of iWelcome’s CIAM (as well as B2B) proposition, intertwined in all (work-)flow and integrated holistically across all functionalities. Hence it does not require 3rd party consent and privacy tooling to serve GDPR and other privacy rulings.

Leading analysts Gartner and KuppingerCole have again underlined iWelcome’s vision and ability to bring that to product and declared iWelcome Product & Innovation Leader. The only EU IDaaS in a US vendor landscape. EU enterprises can not only rely on native EU-requirements, but have direct vendor support and interaction without any time zone difference.

iWelcome leader and again pioneer in the rapidly maturing Dutch eIDAS / eID market

Dutch governments and semi-governments rely on iWelcome for Business to Government authentication (eHerkenning, www.eherkenning.nl). iWelcome’s Identity broker was again chosen by the largest users in the Dutch Market (the Tax and Customs Administration and Ministry of Economic Affairs), ranking the quality of iWelcome’s broker significantly higher than the competitor’s offerings. eHerkenning is a mature service for B2G authentication and authorization and is now also adopted for use in B2B scenarios, for example for insurance agents.

As a pioneer in the eHerkenning co-operation between the Dutch Government and selected qualified companies, iWelcome was the first to connect a non-government organisation to this eID / eIDAS ready service. a.s.r., a leading Netherlands Insurer, is now using eHerkenning to authenticate intermediaries, real-estate partners and lessees. Willis Tower Watson now offers eIDAS login for their pension scheme.

Damen Shipyards, the European Central Bank and many others have joined iWelcome’s customer base

Having vision on Identity is one, building a product and have analysts recognising its merits is two, but the only real justification is that innovative and leading companies, institutions and brands select iWelcome as their identity fundament.

Supporting companies with groundbreaking vision in their industry, like Damen Shipyards' connected vessels approach, or EU defining organisations like the European Central Bank is what the iWelcome team works for! We are grateful to welcome our new customers and we cherish the enhanced relations with our existing customers!

And yet, 2021 holds even more promise

We definitely did not sit on our hands in 2020, and for 2021 we will sweat the assets we have built in 2019 and 2020. Now that we’re entering our 10th anniversary year (2021) we will enhance our current propositions and launch new initiatives in B2B and B2C Identity, while significantly enlarging our ecosystem. This and more we will naturally share in due course.

“To all our customers and new customers, we appreciate you have a choice, and we’d like to thank you for selecting iWelcome as your IDaaS vendor. We wish you a good onward journey to the warmth of your families for the Christmas season. To our crew, partners and investors, thank you for making this year’s journey as smooth, secure and efficient as possible. It takes energy, commitment and perseverance to deliver in times where the going gets tough, and so you all showed!”

Wishing you the very best for 2021 and stay safe!

Danny de Vreeze - CEO iWelcome

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