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Welcome aboard! 5 things to look forward to in 2020

Dec 23, 2019 12:00:00 AM

“Good afternoon, this is your iWelcome captain from the flight deck. We have just landed 2019 and are now onboarding for your onward journey with final destination end of 2020.”

End of year for all of us! So, most of you must have packed for holidays or are already on your ways to spend precious time with friends and dear ones. As we unwind from day to day business it is also the perfect time to reflect on the past and plan for the future.

This is how we use the pre-Christmas days at iWelcome as well. We had no less than an exciting year and have a clear execution plan for the next. Hence, I am thrilled to share a bit of our product flight plan for 2020 for you to digest over the holidays or just thereafter.

And we did not sit idle this past year either. We have spent a great part of 2019 on preparing major launches for 2020, while in the meantime releasing new capabilities and functionality:

  • Partner and developer enablement thru a self-service configuration experience, and by evolving the documentation centre and developers support portal;
  • Further KYC step-outs during registration processes, using EU country specific eID’s and Bank ID’s, configurable in the customer’s specific on-boarding flow;
  • Simplified registration and log in, supporting passwordless authentication and step up authentication to iWelcome’s MFA or any 3rd party MFA;
  • And a host of smaller features enriching the service and performance of the platform.

Yet our wish and want-to-do-list is way longer! So, what is on our path for the New Year?

1. Frictionless engagement, the I am Welcome experience

iWelcome’s customer engagement philosophy is based on reducing friction by implementing progressive profiling and progressive consent: this is Identity industry lingo for bothering the user initially only to provide the minimum. Just enough to start his or her engagement and then ask for more once the need thereto increases.

Which may be required for improving the online experience, for online service delivery or as part of legal compliance in the more regulated sectors. However "frictionless" does not only apply to the conversion moment (onboarding or registration) but also extends to nurturing and retaining a customer (f.i. during authentication). “Just enough authentication”, social, passwordless, “use what you have” and step-up authentication all assist to the user experience being hazzle-free. 

Being compliant with GDPR is assured throughout the process. iWelcome’s platform does not require external consent and privacy tools as its leading Consent Lifecycle Management capabilities are integrated in each step.

2. Enabling simple and flexible onboarding with Customer Journey Orchestration

With iWelcome’s Customer Journey Orchestration engine, businesses can customise onboarding and engagement experiences across brands and channels. It enables configuration of the right journey on a no-code basis and integrates identity in the broader engagement workflow: fast, simple and secure. CIAM, technology or security expertise are no longer a pre-requisite.

Standardly iWelcome supports multi-brand and multi-flow scenarios. The enhanced orchestration engine will cater for smoothly adding or removing steps as business requires or altering steps as they proof to add friction at the wrong moment during onboarding. Orchestration includes registration, authentication, external KYC validation and identity matching, supporting most uses cases across various sectors.

Later in 2020 the iWelcome engine will facilitate A-B testing so that online departments can excel in their aim for ease-of-use, to reduce costly drop-outs and to ensure ongoing engagement.

3. Seamlessly add local eID, eIDAS and bank ID’s in online engagements

Especially for sectors with higher KYC and proofing demands (JIT & Step-up), the onboarding flows can be flexibly extended to include additional verification with country specific eID’s or bank ID’S (like IDin, DigiD, eHerkenning, ITSME, Verimi, BankID, GovUK, France Connect).

iWelcome is one of the pioneers and supporters of the eID and eIDAS movement and currently facilitates 75% of the Dutch Business to Government authentications. iWelcome will keep adding more European eID’s and IDP’s to its catalogue, so that locally operating companies in their respective countries can easily offer registration or validation with the eID(s) of choice and international brands can provide their local user populations with country specific eID/IDP authentication.

4. Business to Business Identity 2.0 and the new standard in delegation

“Frictionless” is not only applicable to consumer interaction and conversation. iWelcome extends the same mantra to Business to Business access and delegation.

Early 2020 iWelcome will release its new B2B and delegation platform. Built on the concepts of relations, identity, things and mandating (dubbed RITM), the platform will set the new standard for delegated privileged user management and will form the basis for iWelcome’s B2B access management, B2B customer identity, B2B2C use cases like broker and dealer delegation, guest accounts, parental control, customer care and things integration propositions.

iWelcome RITM is designed and architected on the basis of no-code, localisation and configuration first. RITM will become available in industry-specific configurations (like insurance, energy & mobility, retail, manufacturing), however customers themselves can also easily alter skin and lingo to reflect their business specifics.

RITM supports multi-level delegation, multi-business hierarchies, invitation, self-registration and elevation (RBAC, CBAC). Standardly available on top of iWelcome IDaaS, iWelcome RITM will also become available as a stand-alone product for customers who operate other IDaaS or even on-prem IAM software.

5. Enhancing Support for Omnichannel by adding a Mobile SDK

There is no omnichannel customer experience without mobile. In 2020, iWelcome will therefore enrich its palette of MFA solutions, client SDK’s and iframe support with a mobile SDK. By doing so, the company allows its customers and their mobile app builders to integrate banking grade security as part of their apps. The mobile SDK will enable in-app authentication and e-signing. Being connected to the Identity platform it provides a unified authentication experience across platforms and channels.

“So welcome aboard! We’d like to thank our current and premium customers and appreciate you have chosen iWelcome. For our prospect customers, we look forward to having you on board soon. Our crew is energised to make the journey as safe and comfortable as possible. For now, just sit back and relax, enjoy the service, and we will update you from the flight deck while on our way and in final detail once we reach our destination.”

Wishing you all the best for 2020!

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