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Ensure 100% identity proofing and manage consumers & partners with our CIAM solution for Financials

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Smooth onboarding & customer experience

Create an amazing online customer experience with a simple registration process and easy login options across devices.

The iWelcome platform offers a centralised identity store, where security doesn’t have to stand in the way of ease of use. This results in one single digital identity for all users, enabling organisations to supply their business leaders with the data they need. Consumers will be offered relevant communication and marketing offers and have access to their own personal data to view and rectify. The foundation for building trusted relationships with customers. 

Smooth onboarding & customer experience
Secure omni channel banking

Secure omnichannel banking

Digital disruptors are coming between banks and their customers. Traditional financial institutions such as banks, pension funds and personal loan suppliers are forced to innovate faster while using a holistic approach, breaking down identity silos.

Whether people use apps or install themselves behind the computer for their financial business, they expect a seamless experience. Login and authentication for financial services should be high-secure but simple. And once logged in, customers expect access to all services, apps and their own personal data, without having to login again for a different application. This means no more silos in the backend, but a centralised and secured identity store that is connected to all relevant applications. 

Identification, KYI and Compliance

Are your customers really who they say they are? iWelcome offers the foundation for identification and compliance.

The iWelcome platform integrates with government IDs, eIDAS notified login schemes and other trusted identity providers such as all European bank IDs. To support KYC, identity information in iWelcome’s database is enriched with metadata to recognise patterns for fraud detection. And iWelcome has built-in features to support PSD2 and GDPR.

Identification, KYI and Compliance
Delegated access for B2B intermediaries

Delegated access for B2B intermediaries

External business partners such as agents and brokers require easy and secure access for multiple users. To off-load the administrative work and to empower these business partners, a smooth delegated user management is a key capability for organisations in banking & financial services.

iWelcome offers multi-level delegation, different options for onboarding (registration or invitation) all in a simple easy-to-work-with dashboard.

Case Studies

News Avvera

Avvera (Credem Group)

Avvera is part of the Credem banking group, a multi-regional financial services group based in Reggio Emilia, in the north of Italy. It’s among the top 10 largest listed banking groups in the country, offering a full range of commercial, institutional and retail banking services.


Financial regulator

iWelcome is delivering the B2B IAM platform for all external users of one of the leading financial regulators in Europe. Supervised financial institutions can delegate access rights for highly secure delivery of their reports.



Admiral is not only one of the best insurance companies in the UK. The Admiral group also delivers broader financial services such as personal loans to the UK market. With iWelcome's platform, Admiral ensures that customers and B2B partners have frictionless access to these services.