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Integrating on-premise and cloud applications

Many organisations, either by choice or out of necessity, use a mix of on-premise and cloud-based applications. These hybrid landscapes demand a thorough IAM approach.

iWelcome integrates with both ends to ensure a frictionless Single Sign-on experience across all applications. Your local directory can be leveraged for SSO to cloud applications, as well as for immediate blocking of users. So your hybrid environment stays connected and protected at all times.

User Lifecycle Management and Self-Service

With iWelcome's B2E IAM solutions, organisations can easily automate the on- and offboarding of new employees and assign them to groups. Delegation is supported on several levels; at every level a user manager can be assigned the role of delegated admin.

Once onboarded, employees are provided with 24/7 Self-Service functionality to view and manage their identity information, perform password resets and request additional access. iWelcome can also be integrated with already available workflow systems.

Single Sign-On and MFA

Single Sign-on is a quick and convenient way to log in to many different applications simultaneously. At the same time it has higher inherent security risks, so it should always be combined with an additional factor of authentication.

iWelcome offers different possibilities, where the aim is to combine the ease of use of SSO while meeting the organisation's security standards with the right level of MFA. While today a One Time Password (OTP) is still frequently used, more user friendly push-swipe via a customer branded App is also supported.

Serve the extended workforce

On top of their internal workforce, most organisations also need to give access to certain systems and applications to extended workforce, such as freelancers, consultants, and vendors. 

While internal users are usually managed in an existing directory, iWelcome's cloud directory is the ideal place to register, manage and authenticate your extended workforce. You can easily add guest accounts, federate with trusted partners, and use our advanced iWelcome RITM module to manage delegated access for your business partners using roles and attributes.

iWelcome's B2E IAM Key Features