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Suppliers, agents, offices and guests

Whether you sell through agents or suppliers are accessing portals, business processes are outsourced or guests require temporary access... it is all B2B!

With iWelcome's dedicated B2B-module the on-boarding of business partners is super fast. Registration and activation for delegated users is available in various templates and can easily be configured with the right permissions for all common B2B, B2B2B and B2B2C use cases.

Suppliers, agents, offices and guests
Invitations, Requests and Approvals

Invitations, Requests and Approvals

B2B is about empowering partners to create and manage users in their scope, giving trust while reducing administrative labour and at the same time setting the boundaries.

In a simple end-user focused User Interface, users can either be invited or created. Existing users can request access or are automatically granted. Customer Care can easily check accounts and support users with the Service Desk interface.

Multi-level delegation with Roles & Attributes

Regardless of your business relationship, you want to empower your business users, you do not want to have the administrative burden and you still want to be in control.

The powerful iWelcome RITM delegation portal is the answer. With iWelcome RITM you can define the scope for delegated access, using roles and attributes. Your business users can take it from there. This may include identity verification steps and restrictions on email domains, like "x.y@businesspartner.com".

Multi-level delegation with Roles & Attributes
Multi-Factor Authentication for power users

Multi-Factor Authentication for power users

Business users can have limited access, but may also be power users and hosts, able to delegate access to other users. Multi-factor authentication is a key security requirement for these users.

In addition to traditional one-time-passwords (OTP) over SMS, iWelcome provides a customer styled MFA App, available for Apple and Android. This App supports OTP, but more user friendly is the push/swipe. You get a push notification on your phone to simply accept or reject the authentication request.

Enhanced user experience with passwordless authentication

One of the most used ways of logging in is the ‘Forgot password’ button. Considering the increasing complexity of passwords and the average consumer having up to 90 different online accounts, this doesn’t come as a surprise. Passwordless authentication is the solution to authenticate users by other means than a username/password combination. It tackles two problems at once: passwords are hard to remember and easy to hack.

iWelcome offers the option to log in with an email address on request or by invitation. With a magic link that is sent to the email account, users can securely log in, taking away friction for the user, resulting in an optimised customer journey.

Enhanced user experience with passwordless authentication

Wide range of user scenarios

There is no such thing as a standard B2B relationship. Therefore iWelcome provides a flexible module with delegation as the key functionality to support a wide range of B2B user scenarios.

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Service Desk and Customer Care

iWelcome's B2B IAM Key Features

User Scenario: Agents

Business partners that have access to an organisation's online systems and services are often addressed as co-workers with B2E functionality. But partners like agents and brokers are also important customers and represent the road towards the end-consumer. iWelcome's multi-level delegation platform is rooted in Consumer IAM. It enables agents to efficiently co-work with your internal organisation, while at the same time providing them with an optimal customer journey, eventually servicing the end-consumer. 


User Scenario: Guests 

Adding, managing and timely removing Guest User Accounts can be a labour-intensive job. iWelcome's B2B solution enables organisations to create a custom-branded self-service page where guests (but also consumers) can take matters into their own hands and request access to applications, self-manage their account information, download personal data or update their security settings. Hosts can exist on several levels, and they can register or invite their guests and authorise time-based access, minimising handling and dormant accounts.

User Scenario: Outsourcing

Outsourcing certain business processes can be profitable, but is sometimes challenging for your IT organisation. External organisations will need access to systems and applications, and in some situations externals will need to cooperate with your internal staff. With iWelcome's multi-level delegation capabilities you can add delegated admins on different levels in the external organisations, allowing them to further cascade roles to the identities within their organisation and manage these themselves. IT admins within your organisation will still keep a high level of control, while freeing them from administrative burdens.


User Scenario: Service Desk and Customer Care

Keeping customers happy is key to any company's success. iWelcome's comprehensive service desk functionalities help customer care teams deliver an outstanding customer experience by providing them with the necessary tools to correctly identify, verify, monitor and manage users. Bulk actions, automation rules and attribute customisation make time-consuming jobs fast and effective. By providing a scalable, adaptive customer care service, organisations can make the process of providing hands-on support more effective for both end-users and service desk teams.