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iWelcome is a product leader in Consumer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) and provides the most advanced Consent Lifecycle Management (CLM) functionality.

With iWelcome, enterprise organisations provide consumers, business partners & employees frictionless and privacy protected access as foundation of their digital strategy. 

Our cloud platform is engineered to facilitate the scalability, complexity, privacy and security requirements of these organisations. The API-first platform offers partners and developers endless integration capabilities.

iWelcome is a European born and globally ready company.


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Why choose our platform?

  • Consumer Identity – CIAM

    Consumer Identity – CIAM

    Omnichannel and digital transformation are key words in today’s businesses. Identity Management is a pre-requisite for these consumer facing services, however the traditional IAM approach does not work for that. iWelcome’s Consumer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) Platform provides all the capabilities to build valuable relationships and safely interact with consumers across all their devices and during all the phases of a their life cycle in your user database.

    Identity relationship management is the pivotal element for remaining an industry leader

    iWelcome improves registration and conversion rates, enhances personalised user experience, protects their privacy and connects them to your organisation and the identity ecosystems you establish.  This directly fuels top line growth as strong online relations are the decisive element in future proof or even disruptive business models, or they deliver you the critical element in shielding yourself against uberisation in your industry.

    Proof is delivered on a daily basis for millions of consumers in all kinds of industries: banking, insurance, media, publishing, utilities, retail and logistic services.

  • GDPR Compliancy

    GDPR Compliancy

    Creating an intuitive user experience and maintaining an accurate single view of and towards the consumer, while addressing continuous privacy protection in a GDPR compliant manner, is the balancing act for today’s businesses. It is about building trust by protecting data, by transparent communication throughout the customer journey, by empowering consumers to control their preferences and privacy at any moment and by doing this at internet scale. iWelcome’s CIAM platform is the enabler for all of this.

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  • Consent Lifecycle Management

    Consent Lifecycle Management

    The GDPR legislation demands a detailed approach to consent. Not only should in certain situations data subjects (the consumers) be asked for consent; as a data controller you have to be able to demonstrate that a consumer has consented to processing of his or her personal data, and for which purpose. Additionally, the consumer should be able to withdraw consent at any time, just as easy as it was given.

    Consent Lifecycle Management: a new data model

    That’s why we invented Consent Lifecycle Management. In order to build consent management at the heart of digital business driven CIAM, we have seriously changed Identity and Access Management as the industry knew it: iWelcome introduced the industry’s leading CIAM-data model, designed to flexibly add attributes and to store preference, interest and profile information. We add metadata to all attributes collected in our platform, to easily register user consents, internal and external validation.

    Consent Lifecycle Management: flexible integration

    The iWelcome interfaces, consumer facing and for designated staff (like Data Protection Officers) use this metadata to ensure transparency and to enable real time compliance reporting on consent status. As iWelcome is entirely API based, we blend seamlessly with your BI, Marketing and reporting tooling.

    Consent Lifecycle Management: consumers in control

    This is why we can support the entire Consent Lifecycle, giving consumers a single view and control over their consents and exercise their associated consumer rights, which are the right to view, export and edit all their personal data stored at any time. On top of that, users can request to freeze their accounts and delete their personal data, as long as legislation allows this.

  • Time to service

    Time to service

    Onboarding at iWelcome is easy! We have a simple 3 step approach that will bring iWelcome, configured, customised & connected to live with your priority applications and identity stores in a matter of weeks. Or days if you can follow our pace! Although we offer a plug and play, we as experts in the Industry know that IAM never comes without complexity. So we are here to assist your team with implementation and architecture expertise. We ensure that your staff can focus on the essence of the project, while our seasoned onboarding teams expeditiously take away the nitty-gritty, by using our best-practice methods, checklists and procedures.

    We take pride in eliminating project risk, speeding up delivery time and ensuring a fastest time to service.

    And onboarding at iWelcome is not only a technical exercise. Simultaneously we arrange for all business-as-usual items to be addressed, agreed and aligned with our SLA and our joint Operational Level Agreement. Our security officer will ensure that the security aspects are discussed with your security and governance officers.

  • Private Cloud Architecture

    Private Cloud Architecture

    iWelcome comes ‘as-a-Service’ with a very unique Single Tenant or Private Cloud Approach. For each customer, we make the service available in a dedicated instance of our Platform. Furthermore we provide dedicated test- and acceptance environments that are not just sandboxes but precise reflections of your production system. Our customers enjoy the same benefits as with any other SaaS service. The service is fully managed, guarantees a high availability of 99,99% and comes at a TCO that is less than 50% of an on-premise IAM solution.

    We have build a Private Cloud,… so you can benefit from the best of both ends!

    However, compared to the standard multi-tenant approach taken by all other IDaaS vendors, our private cloud provides far greater flexibility – in particular to meet your specific privacy and security concerns . This also assures a seamless requirements fit for integration with your existing ICT landscape and offers us the ability to resonate our service windows with your operations organisation. This way we can ensure the uninterrupted availability of your ICT operations, which we can even tune differently for your employee and consumer user domains. And with Private Cloud we mean Private! We have taken this all the way from the application layers, down into the network connections between our 13 European, 3 US and 2 Asian datacenter zones.

  • Personal Engagement

    Personal Engagement

    Identity & Access management today is the most mission critical component in the Enterprise’s ICT landscape! It connects and protects, users and services, inhouse or from the outside.

    Buying an IDaaS service online and getting online access to standard technology is simply not enough to integrate IDaaS strategically in your enterprise context and to stay aligned as partners in this 24×7 game.

    We belief in a personal approach and understand that we need to put our skin in your game as well!

    IDaaS can never be just a creditcard relationship!

    We are in this together, and literally, we are not far away! Our presence in Europe eases the communication. It allows our technical and service staff to be face-to-face and work side-by-side with you in the same time zone, during set-up, while you grow the reach and depth of your IDaaS solution and during our ongoing service engagement.

  • 100% Cloud

    100% Cloud

    iWelcome is born in the cloud and 100% a cloud service. That means that our integrated service caters for everything required to manage, support, maintain, grow and run your Identity & Access Management environment -end-to-end.

    We take away the burden of finding, employing and motivating expensive and specialist engineers to operate your IAM infrastructure 24×7.

    Identity is our business and therewith we make sure you can focus on yours!

    Since we manage IAM for many customers and organisations, we have the ability and intrinsic drive to implement far more extensive and sophisticated intelligence into our monitoring, reporting, and alerting systems. We keep innovating devops, security, performance and all other non-functional elements that are equally important as functionality in determining the succes of a mission critical infrastructure like IAM.

  • Lower Cost of Ownership

    Lower Cost of Ownership

    iWelcome offers IAM with the cost advantage of a SaaS model. You pay for what you use, with only a set-up fee to start the service! By paying as you go and paying as you grow, the costs are always in line with the evolving business case of your company: both on corporate as well as department level.

    As minimal project and no license costs are required, iWelcome turns capital expenditure into operational expenditure.  We enhance insight and predictability of your IT costs by providing usage based pricing and invoicing.

    Why not benefit from a TCO that is easily 50% below that of traditional IAM implementations?

    You significantly reduce operational costs and risk as iWelcome is taking that burden entirely away from you. We develop, maintain, manage and grow our platform for all our customers and make you profit from these economies of scale!

    iWelcome services many large organisations and is on top of industry developments. Both technical and functional innovation is included,…  as we go. 

  • European… and European only

    European… and European only

    iWelcome is Europe’s Identity Platform. iWelcome is the only IDaaS Provider, that is headquartered in Europe, is designed and built by European people, is a European company, is owned by European shareholders and is backed by European venture funds.

    iWelcome is exclusively subjected to European Laws for data protection and privacy and in no way prone to influence from any non – European Government.

    We do not comply with any self-declared Safe Harbor agreement, because,… we are simply the only one in the industry that does not have to!

    Our systems reside in European datacenters and iWelcome can guarantee that all data is stored only in our datacenters in the Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom or Switzerland.

    And with our local European presence, we can always be at your doorstep in hours!

  • Trust, Privacy & Compliance

    Trust, Privacy & Compliance

    We are not just any other SaaS, but offer our customers the most crucial element in connecting users with ICT: Identity & Access Management. We are therefor committed to the highest standards in information security and governance! Our platform is built using the latest in Identity & Access Management technology and it includes comprehensive analytics and identity intelligence capabilities to support governance and compliance. And with that we do not only mean rule based governance; our systems cater for behavioral monitoring as well. We are ISO 27001 certified, submit ourselves to external security audits up to 4 times a year and our entire company is audited by the Dutch Government as part of the eRecognition / eID program.

    With all the measures we have taken and the built in access governance capabilities of iWelcome, time to compliance for you may be reduced to just days!

    Our systems reside in European datacenters with ISO 27001 / ISO 20000 certifications and ISAE 3402 / SSAE 16 type 2 level reassurance.  Disaster aversion, disaster recovery and data replication are built in and we can guarantee that all your data is encrypted and stored in datacenters in the Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom or Switzerland. In between our datacenters we sync information for high-availability and disaster recovery, using a private network, so we do not even enter the Internet. Our company and service complies with the Dutch & European privacy regulations and we have put stringent security checks in place for all our staff.

  • Availability


    Our service protects and connects users and systems, 24×7, all year round. Clearly we have engineered iWelcome to be available anytime! And with that we mean availability in every aspect, from network thru application and ancillary ICT.

    iWelcome resides in the datacenters of Interoute, with primary nodes in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London and Geneva. However iWelcome can as easy and especially if latency requires or local ruling demands be situated in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Hong Kong or 6 other datacenters in Europe.

    We are private by default, instead of public by default!

    Not just due to our private cloud application infrastructure but all the way down from the network to the platform layers. All data within iWelcome remains within the private, dedicated, secure network of Interoute: the lowest latency and highest throughput trans-Atlantic and European network. And private means private, there is no way a calamity at another customer will impact the working of your iWelcome service.

    With our network and datacenter footprint, we can facilitate the most demanding high-availability and disaster recovery scenario’s you may require, even if the are beyond the high standards that are already in our service.

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Our customers have up-to 100.000 employees, 10.000’s of business customers and many millions of consumers to manage, and they have one thing in common: they use iWelcome as the foundation to connect & protect them!