Why iWelcome?

We combine the best from Identity Management, Access Management and Cloud Computing. Blend this with all we've become accustomed to in terms of user experience, ease of use and mobile computing and you get iWelcome! A simple recipe, yet not necessarily easily done. However that should not be your concern, but iWelcome's!  

We've created a cloud based Identity platform based on open standards, that will not only assist you in implementing a 'cloud first' strategy, but will ultimately be the workspace platform used throughout your organisation. iWelcome is built by the experts in the market, is secure, simple, frictionless, scalable, convenient to use and always up! 

Below you will find how iWelcome can help you in your work life, whether you are a user, business manager, chief financial officer, security officer, it-manager or administrator.


Everyone knows the situation. You're using multiple applications on a daily basis to perform your job. And these applications can be anywhere: On the company's network, hosted by one of the companies you work with, or on the Internet. You need a different account name and password for each of them and quite often these passwords can't be the same and must follow confusing syntax rules.

iWelcome provides you with secure and easy access to all of your applications, regardless where the application is deployed. All you need to remember is one username and one password. Once authenticated you have Single Sign On access to all authorised company resources. No need to authenticate again.
iWelcome is also about enabling you to take control over your identity information. A personal self-service page is available so you can change or reset your password. Convenient, should you have forgotten it. From the same page you can request additional access rights. This will directly be provisioned. Or alternatively, after your manager's approval. Simple, quick and easy.

Business Manager

With only a press on the button, new users can be authorised to use company or 3rd Party resources and information. Functionality that is then instantly available on all devices that you allow. First day provisioning actually has become first minute provision.

With similar ease, new applications can be added to existing user communities or to specific people in specific roles. Adversely access rights can be terminated on the spot!  

Adding another SAAS application for only 10 people? iWelcome ensures this remains within the security and management framework of your organization.

With iWelcome you benefit from shared functional innovation. iWelcome is committed to include client specific and industry practice innovation in its platform. Instantly available in new releases.

The iWelcome model allows starting small and adding users, systems, workflow and reporting as you go. iWelcome can be up and running within days or weeks, rather than months or years as would be required for common Identity and Access Management implementations.

iWelcome provides support for everybody that interacts with your organization: staff, consumers, suppliers, partners, business customers and your contingent workforce.

Business Manager


iWelcome offers the cost advantage of the SAAS model. You pay for what you use, with only a set-up fee to start the service!

By paying as you go and paying as you grow, the costs are always in line with the business case of your company. Both on corporate and department level. 

As no initial project or license costs are required, iWelcome turns Capital Expenditure into Operational expenditure. 

iWelcome enhances insight and predictability of ICT costs by providing usage statistics and clearcut itemized monthly invoices.

Total Costs of Ownership and operational risks are further reduced due to iWelcome's economies of scale.  iWelcome services many organizations and is on top of industry developments. Both technical and functional innovation is included,...  as you go.

Security & Privacy Officer

iWelcome is committed to offer the highest standards for information security and governance.

The platform is built using the latest in Identity & Access Management technology and concepts. It includes extensive reporting for governance and compliance. iWelcome does not only support rule based governance; its extensive identity intelligence systems cater for behavioural monitoring as well.

iWelcome is ISO 27001 certified and audited for the iWelcome platform and the Dutch Government's eRecognition program.

The platform resides in European datacenters with ISO 27001 / ISO 20000 certifications and ISAE 3402 / SSAE 16 type 2 level reassurance.  Disaster recovery and data replication are built in and iWelcome can guarantee that data is stored in our datacenters in the Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom or Switzerland.

iWelcome uses the strongest encryption methods when traversing the Internet or storing data.Our service complies with the Dutch Privacy Legislation (Wet Beveiliging Persoonsgegevens - WBP). 

iWelcome supports periodic or real time access reviews, soll-ist analysis, privileged user management, SIEM, forensic access reporting and so on.  With the built in access governance capabilities of iWelcome, time to compliance may be reduced to days!

Security Officer
IT Director

IT Director

With iWelcome you have the means to instantly scale and descale to the requirements of the business – even if this is temporary. The platform offers seamless integration with on-premise, cloud and supply chain originated services.

You now have an solution to manage access to those cloud applications you see popping up everywhere within your organization. At the same time you can still provide the Single Sign On experience your users already are familiar with for your internal applications. And that they are expecting for cloud applications as well.    

iWelcome is build on robust proven technology and open-standards. The service has the highest performance levels and comes with extended business hours or 24x7x52 support.  

Using iWelcome enables your ICT department to direct skill and investment to core process-, rather than facilitating ICT. It reduces the costs and risk of implementing supporting infrastructure to zero.


User administration is a cumbersome and time consuming task. It often involves labor intensive, error prone and manual provisioning processes using difficult to understand paper forms. On-boarding a new user can take days, if not longer and terminating accounts for people leaving the organization gets least priority. 

Even if you have put in the proper tools, processes and controls for your enterprise applications you may suddenly become faced with new applications in the cloud.  This has further increased complexity of providing and revoking access to these applications in an efficient, secure and controlled manner. 

iWelcome provides a rich set of functionality to manage and control access to all of your companies applications, both inside and outside of your network. We provide role-management functionality to create and manage a set of roles specific to your needs and to provide role based access.


User management can be delegated and the self-service capability of iWelcome empowers users to view and manage their identity information, requests access and change and reset their own passwords, further decreasing the load of the administration teams.