User Management

User management is one of the core functionalities provided by iWelcome. It helps you overcome the ever-increasing challenge of managing, providing and governing your users access in a well controlled, auditable and secure manner. We provide a robust set of tools to integrate with your existing environment, connect with an ever growing list of enterprise and cloud applications and quickly start addressing the aforementioned challenge.

Automated provisioning

iWelcome provides you with different ways to manage your users. We can import accounts, connect to one of your systems and provide user administration tools in our iWelcome Identity Portal. Once the user is in iWelcome you have all the control and means you need to centrally manage your users. We take care of the rest and provide:

  • Automated provisioning and de-provisioning.
  • First day account creation.
  • Last day account termination.
  • Password provisioning.
  • Full-featured user administration tools in our iWelcome Identity Portal.


Not every provisioning process will be fully automatic. There are cases where you want to approve specific access before it's granted. In those cases human intervention is involved and a manual action will stop the process momentarily. We need to make sure the process does continue in a timely fashion not to disrupt business continuity. iWelcome supports:


  • Account approval.
  • Delegation of approval rights.
  • Notifications to inform users about pending actions.
  • Escalation workflow to guarantee process continuity.

Delegated administration

The iWelcome Identity Portal contains a rich set of functionality to manage your users and their access. We have implemented admin roles and capabilities so you can optionally delegate specific administrative aspects of user management. Some of the scenario's we support:

  • Delegate complete user management capabilities to other parts of the business so they can manage their own users.
  • Provide your business partners with the capability to manage access to a specific application you provide to them.
  • Enable line managers to request and manage access for their employees.