Supported Applications

We want to integrate everything. Simple. Leverage whatever system you have and whatever application you use. Cloud applications, but also enterprise applications typically deployed on-premise. We provision accounts, provide seamless and Single Sign On access and offer full reports. If it's not on our list, chances are we can still integrate. As long as the application supports open standards and provides us with an interface to integrate with. For a whole list of applications we provide out-of-the-box support. 

Cloud applications

There is an extensive set of cloud connectors available to connect with most common applications. These connectors use open standards, or integrate with the cloud application's native API and enable account provisioning and access control.

Using these connectors you can automatically create, update and delete user accounts in connected cloud applications and enable Single Sign On (SSO) access for your users. They are also key to iWelcome's extensive reporting functionality and enable you to reconcile account information to report on your users current access.

iWelcome continuously develops and maintains connectors to cloud applications. The latest list is available on our website, however you may want to learn which connectors are in 'development' by contacting your iWelcome sales representative or using the contact form provided on this website.

Active Directory

Microsoft Active Directory is fully supported. Both ways. We can provision accounts to an existing Active Directory. But we can also connect with Active Directory to retrieve user accounts for provisioning to your cloud applications. And authenticate your users so they have the same password for both internal and external applications.

Enterprise Applications

Do you want iWelcome to provision to an enterprise application that you have deployed on-premise? In most cases that won't be a problem. Chances are we've done it before and a connector is available. We will set up a secure connection to your network and include it in the provisioning workflow. And if your application supports the common authentication standards we can turn on SSO as well!

Identity and access management solutions

iWelcome can extend access control from the internal network to the outside world. We integrate with your existing identity and access management system once and take care of the rest. Leverage your investment and make most use of it. New cloud applications? No problem, just enable them in iWelcome. You'll immediately get provisioning, SSO, logging, reporting and auditing capabilities as well.