Every user of iWelcome has access to a self-service page. From this page they can view or change their personal information, manage their password or request additional access to applications.

Account information

View your account information

The self-service page provides all registered users with an overview of their relevant account information. Here they can view all identity related information that is stored in iWelcome and is provisioned to the connected applications.

Change your account information

Optionally, we can turn on the ability for users to change their identity and account information. Once saved, changes will automatically be provisioned to the connected applications so that everything stays in sync.

Access request

Users can request additional access from the self-service page. Applications that are already assigned show up on the landing page but are also listed on the self-service page. Additionally they are presented with a list of all other applications available to them.

They select one or more applications and request access. The process that follows depends on your requirements and can involve access approval. If the changes are authorized new access or additional privileges are automatically provisioned to applicable applications.

Password self-service

Password changes
Users can change their passwords and set a new one that is compliant with the active password policy. They have to do this, if you have enabled the option to do so periodically. 

Password resets
iWelcome’s Password Management Service is part of iWelcome's cloud based Identity & Access Management services. They integrate with existing on- premise and cloud based (SaaS) applications and systems without having to make drastic changes to those environments. iWelcome's Password Management Service supports 2 types of reset processes:

  1. Password Reset based on security questions;
  2. Password Reset based on one time identification codes.

Within iWelcome you can fully configure the way end users need to reset their passwords, what password conventions apply and how messages are being sent to the end user (via mobile or private email).

Once a new password is being chosen, the iWelcome system will reset this password in the connected system, such as Active Directory or any other user store.

Click here to download our service brief about iWelcome's Password Management solution.