Products, Editions & Pricing

iWelcome is offered on the basis of 'PAY-AS-YOU-GO', which allows for monthly payments for the actual usage of any iWelcome service. Besides the monthly cost, a minimal initial set-up fee will be charged. This fee will depend on the number of your company's users that will use the system as well as the product and package. Your desired iWelcome service will be further defined during a half day workshop that is free of charge.

iWelcome currently offers 3 'identity as a service' products: cloud identity, enterprise identity and extended enterprise identity. Furthermore iWelcome offers the eRecognition Broker for Dutch Governments. This broker has specific pricing and packaging. For more information on the eRecognition broker please contact us at

Our products come in 3 Editions: Standard, Advanced and Premium. Please find below our feature list and determine which Product & Edition combination may best suit your company's needs. We have shown you the condensed top feature list. You can select the 'all feature' link to see the full list.  Naturally you can complement our Editions by adding options that are available at a discretional charge.  

Interested in understanding the price of your standard or tailored iWelcome service?  Please sent us your contact details so we can get in touch with you, mail us at or call us at +31 30 659 22 54

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