Password Management

Nearly one out of three calls to the IT help desk concerns a password related issue! Although they appear free, passwords cost your organization a material portion of its IT support budget. iWelcome's Password Management Service offers frictionless and secure reset of passwords from the cloud by the users themselves. Our new Identity & Access Management solution brings ease of use and intuitive interfacing melted with security, control and governance. iWelcome's Password Management Service helps you lower your cost. Dramatically! 

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According to the Gartner Group, between 20% and 50% of all help desk calls are for password resets. Although statistics vary depending on the organization, the following are universal findings; the stronger the enforcement of security policy for password management, the greater the number of calls for password resets. For the user, a forgotten password represents frustration; for the IT organization, its cumbersome and time consuming work that is the leading cause of high turnover in technical support positions. 

The Challenge

The foremost important challenge for the IT department nowadays is cost. Password Management is one of these topics that can contribute to a better bottom line in ICT operations. And by taking the service from the cloud, additional advantages can arise. No large investments upfront, no time consuming and risky implementation and pay for usage only. 

And with password management services in place, security may dramatically increase.

You can now benefit from this by using iWelcome’s cloud based Identity & Access Management services in general and it’s Password Management Service in particular.


Security is one of iWelcome's highest priorities. Both for internal processes as for our products. iWelcome has been audited and tested on the international standard ISO27001 for information security and has been granted the certification.

With this certification iWelcome applies to the highest standards for information security and - following our certification principes - iWelcome is continously improving the solution on security. 

Within the iWelcome solution, data is stored encrypted and SSL is used for data transport over the Internet. Further more, iWelcome stores a minimal set of data, needed for this specific services, for example no passwords will be stored in the cloud.


iWelcome’s Password Management Service is being offered on the basis of 'PAY-AS-YOU-GO', which allows for monthly payments for the actual usage of iWelcome (measured on a quarterly or annual basis). Besides the monthly cost, a set-up fee will be charged. 


iWelcome’s Password Management Service is a non-invasive, self-service solution delivered from the cloud. It provides users with the ability to reset and synchronize all their passwords for all of the systems and applications they are authorized to access. This iWelcome service helps you eliminate password reset calls to your help desk and helps bring down related cost.

iWelcome’s Password Management Service is part of iWelcome's cloud based Identity & Access Management services. They integrate with existing on- premise and cloud based (SaaS) applications and systems without having to make drastic changes to those environments. The password-management functionality enables end users to reset or change their password using identification codes through SMS messages or via security questions for authentication.

After clicking the ‘forgot your password’ link the user gets redirected to the iWelcome Self Service portal to start the password-reset process. The password-reset service uses the highest security standards, like encryption, CAPTCHA challenge response and One Time Passwords, which can be sent to mobile devices or private email addresses. 

Administrators are provided with an admin interface to administrate the Password Management capability. This means that configuration of identification; CAPTCHA policies, password provisioning methods and security policies can be embedded into the system in accordance to the company’s policies. Besides configuration options, iWelcome provides security professionals, Help Desk teams, and corporate Auditors with additional security information by logging and reporting all activities related to a password reset.

Uptime Guaranteed

iWelcome’s Password Management Service is a (Cloud) service. It runs in state-of-the-art datacenters and is always provided with cold-standby fail-over. Hot-stand-by is optional. Logging data is stored on a separate fail over systems. The service is being monitored 7 x 24 by our support engineers as such maximizing iWelcome's uptime.


iWelcome’s Password Management Service helps you to reduce IT help desk costs significantly with a ROI less than a few months. Based on a cloud service, you can start within a few weeks only!

Contact & Information

The Password Management Service is part of iWelcome’s Enterprise Identity solution and comes with a competitive pricing. We are pleased to assist you with a business case or a demo. Please contact iWelcome directly for more information.