iWelcome Extended Enterprise Identity

iWelcome Extended Enterprise Identity provides identity-as-a-service for both on-premise applications and external or cloud applications. 

When your using internal and external (cloud) applications interchangeably and need to implement user management and a tight set of access controls, iWelcome Extended Enterprise is the perfect solution for you.


Our iWelcome Extended Enterprise Identity service provides identity and access management for all of your applications, regardless of where they are deployed.

We connect with all common applications using our identity connectors. This way we can get you up and running quickly so you can start manage and control access across the applications in use. Optionally, we can connect with a corporate directory, database or HR system to provide us with identity information to provision accounts.

iWelcome Extended Enterprise also provides full featured access management capability to implement access management for your internal web-applications, and all cloud and external applications you use. Your users will then have only one password to remember and single sign on access to all their applications. They are also provided with self-service functionality to view and manage their identity information, change or reset their password and request additional access.

Reuse your corporate directory

If you already have an existing corporate directory like Microsoft Active Directory or an LDAP v3 compliant directory server, we can leverage the account information stored in it.
We can connect with that system and use it as the source for account information. This way, we pick up the change every time a user is created, update or deleted. We'll make sure the necessary changes get propagated to all the connected cloud applications as well.  

Cloud applications

We live in the cloud. We understand the cloud. That is why we fully support the cloud. And integrate with almost any application that exists. Both for provisioning and SSO. Probably out-of-the-box. Obviously you get all of the reporting, auditing and governance capabilities of iWelcome as well.

If we do not support an application you are using out-of-the-box, we can investigate and let you know how many days it would take us to include the application in iWelcome.

Functionality provided

iWelcome Cloud Identity provides a full set of identity related services for all of your applications:
  • User management
  • Provisioning and de-provisioning
  • Single Sign On
  • Password management
  • Logging and reporting
  • Access Governance and RBAC 
  • Self-service functionality for end-users 

Furthermore we can leverage most on-premise corporate directories and identity and access management systems to retrieve account information, authenticate users or integrate with existing SSO solutions. 

Please read here for more information.

In-house applications

iWelcome Enterprise Identity provides support for most common in-house or on-premise applications. 

Identity connectors for provisioning

We have identity connecters available for most common applications so we can use them as a source for identity information, or as a target system for account provisioning. 

Single Sign On

iWelcome Enterprise Identity provides SSO for on-premise web applications that support common authentication and federation standards. If that is not the case we can offer professional services to help enable the application.

Getting started

We want our customers to get up and running with iWelcome Extended Enterprise Identity as quickly as possible. Depending on your needs it could be within just a few days. 

During the setup phase we will setup a workshop to jointly determine your requirements and pick the setup strategy that best fits your needs:

  • Deployment: on-premise or in the Cloud?
  • Integration: none, directory server (Microsoft AD) or existing Identity and Access Management solution
  • Connectivity: we provide different solutions if we need to connect to an on-premise system like Microsoft Active Directory. 
  • Cloud applications: We will go through the list; are they supported or custom applications?
  • On-premise applications: We'll go through the list; are they supported or custom applications? 


Next we will create a deployement plan based on one of our pre-defined cookbooks and turn on iWelcome when you are ready. If needed, iWelcome can provide advice, training and other related professional services prior to, during or after this phase.

Integrate with your existing IAM solution

We can integrate with most existing identity and access management solutions. This way you continue to use it for provisioning and access management of your internal applications. and maximize your previous investment. iWelcome extends the in-house, on-premise solution and adds provisioning and access management of cloud applications.