Technology Partners

iWelcome has partnerships with various technology partners, providing a broad range of services for iWelcome. Together with our Technology partners iWelcome is continuously enhancing both its solution stack and the quality of service.
Technology Connectis


Connectis is iWelcome's technology partner for delivering the eRecognition Broker for the Dutch government. Information security is central to Connectis products. Connectis' products meet the highest standards in the field, Connectis is one of the first companies to be certified under the eRecognition program by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Technology Interoute


Interoute owns the largest Next Generation Network covering the European Union, from London to Warsaw, from Stockholm to Sicily and beyond into the Continent's emerging economies, including Turkey, with nine subsea landing stations ringing the edge of Europe.

Supported by 60,000 kilometres of fibre, 21 metropolitan area networks, 10 data centres and 31 colocation centres with local operations in the 26 largest cities of Europe, Interoute serves customers in the 15 major languages of the European Union.

Interoute is iWelcome's Hosting Partner. iWelcome uses Interoute's network and state-of-the-art datacenters in Amsterdam, Berlin, Geneva, London and Paris.