iWelcome will regularly be a speaker at congresses, seminars and industry events. Check the list below for the events where you will be able to join us in the near future.


Surf Onderwijsdagen

11 & 12 November 2014- De SURF Onderwijsdagen

Deze dagen staan in het teken van diverse trends en ontwikkelingen op het gebied van ICT in het onderwijs. Het congres is bedoeld voor beleidsmakers, managers, bestuurders en andere professionals binnen onderwijsinstellingen die de verbinding leggen tussen onderwijs en ICT.

De SURF onderwijsdagen zullen plaatsvinden in het WTC in Rotterdam.

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Over SURF& Kennisnet

Een van de nationale samenwerkingspartners van SURF is Kennisnet, expertisecentrum rondom ICT in het onderwijs. Al geruime tijd delen SURF en Kennisnet hun kennis en ervaring, onder andere door samen het congres De Onderwijsdagen te organiseren. Daarnaast trekken Kennisnet en SURFnet samen op voor de invulling van de ICT-behoeften bij MBO-scholen.

Previous Events

Heliview IAM

May 21st 2014- Heliview IAM from Burden to Benefit (and beyond)

How do companies handle Identity & Access Management in relation to the latest developments around Cloud computing, mobile, collaboration and access governance? 

These questions and other issues are in the interest among numerous organizations and are highlighted in different ways during this Congress.

As Gold sponsor iWelcome is able to provide you with tickets. 

Please contact Leonie Bourgondien:

More information

Kuppingercole IAM

May 13th-16th 2014- European Identity & Cloud Conference Kuppingercole

Munich/Germany, is the place where identity management, cloud and information security thought leaders and experts get together to discuss and shape the Future of secure, privacy-aware agile, business- and innovation driven IT. 

With its world class list of speakers, a unique mix of best practices presentations, panel discussions, thought leadership statements and analyst views, EIC has become an absolute must-attend event for more than 500 enterprise IT leaders from all over Europe and beyond.

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EZDA Zorgcommunicatie Dienstenmarkt

April 17th 2014- iWelcome will join EZDA's Seminair 'Zorgcommunicatie 2015'

Do you want to learn all about national and regional developments in the field of exchange
of information between healthcare providers with one another and with the patient/client?
About care portals, personal health records, the national Electronic Patient
Dossier (EPD) and regional communication services?


Register for the upcoming seminar: and visit us at the ‘Dienstenmarkt’


Date: 17th April 2014

Segment: Healthcare and healthcure

Time: 12:00 - 18:00 hrs (including

Location: Amsterdam RAI

Gartner IAM London

March 17th-18th 2014- Gartner Identity and Access Management Summit London
The Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit is the premier gathering for IT and business professionals responsible for IAM focused on the practicalities of delivering a successful, mature IAM program.

Meet your peers, Gartner analysts and providers to discuss your hottest topics including cloud computing, compliance, IAM architecture and more.

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November 20th Corporates Round Table

January 29th 2014- Round Table for Corporates: Moving IAM to the Cloud

Regarding Gartner at the end of 2015, 40% of all Identity & Access Management projects will be based on Identity & Access Management-as-a-Service (IAMaaS).

We see that many organizations are at the beginning of or following a Cloud strategy including the Identity and Access Management-as-a-Service. In our day-to-day conversations we see that every organization is finding its own answers to questions like: 
-Where do we start and how can we move to the Cloud?
-What is the business case of IDaaS?
-What are the benefits of IDaaS compare to on premise IAM solutions?
-What are the security aspects?

iWelcome is facilitating a Round-Table to share knowledge and experiences around IAMaaS for large organizations within The Netherlands. The Round Table is exclusively for CIO’s, IT Managers, Directors, Program Managers and CISO’s.

iWelcome’s partner KPMG will present the current market trends, together with a customer of iWelcome, who will share their experiences of a recent IAMaaS implementation. iWelcome will conclude the evening with an overview on the iWelcome vision how to move Identity & Access Management to the Cloud. 

Date: 29th January 2014
Segment: Corporates
Time: 17:00 - 22:00 hrs (including dinner)
Location: Utrecht area

Please, send an email to your contact person or or if you would like to attend.

PIMN 21 jan

January 21th 2014- PIMN 'Toegang tot patientendata'
(Dutch only)

Het organiseren van toegang tot patiëntgegevens speelt een rol bij vrijwel alle ontwikkelingen op het gebied van zorg-ICT. De zorg kent complexe regels voor toegangsverlening door de gevoeligheid van informatie en de vele partijen waarmee gecommuniceerd wordt. Daarom organiseren PIMN (Platform Identity Management Nederland) en Nictiz op 21 januari 2014 het seminar ‘Toegang tot patiëntendata’ in Utrecht. 

Tijdens het seminar komen de nieuwste inzichten op het gebied van toegang tot patiëntgegevens aan de orde. Naast de NEN7521 (een kader voor het regelen van toegang tot patiëntengegevens), wordt uitgebreid aandacht besteed aan praktische oplossingen voor toegang tot (met name) portalen. Daarnaast worden het juridisch kader en nieuwe technieken, zoals federatief inloggen besproken. Verder bespreekt MC Haaglanden haar casus en 3 workshops gaan dieper in op toegang tot portalen, logging, toegang via medische apps, DigiD en eHerkenning.

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October 10th, Round-Table Education

October 10th, 2013 - Round-Table for Education: Moving IAM to the Cloud

iWelcome and partners will discuss possible strategies on moving Identity & Access Management to the Cloud. Together with an introduction of iWelcome's Release 8, the speakers will outline the benefits and approach of how Identity & Access Management can be sourced to the Cloud. 

This event is focussing on the Dutch Educational Sector where cloud is key strategy and facilitated by SURFconext. During the round-table we will discuss topics like: general trends in Education, status quo on Identity Management & Cloud, SURFconext and customer cases. 

Date: 10 October 2013

Time: 17:00 - 22:00 hrs (including dinner)

Location: Amersfoort

Please, send an email to if you would like to attend.

May 30, 2012 Heliview IAM Conference

May 30th, 2012
Identity & Access Management Conference
Heliview is organizing the annual Dutch Identity & Access Management conference on MAy 30th in Nieuwegein. iWelcome is sponsoring this event and will be present with a booth to meet attendees with an interest in Cloud Identity Management. For more information about joining us at the conference, please send an email to Joost Viskaal and ask for the iWelcome VIP tickets. 

May 28, Heliview IAM Seminar

May 28th, 2013 - Identity & Access Management Conference

Heliview is organizing the annual Dutch Identity & Access Management conference on May 28th in Den Bosch. iWelcome is sponsoring this event and will be present with a booth to meet attendees with an interest in Cloud Identity Management. To attend this event is free for endusers. For more information about joining us at the conference, please send an email to Joost Viskaal and ask for the iWelcome VIP tickets. 

Registration is free when using iWelcome's VIP ticket. Registration on behalf of iWelcome can be submitted by clicking here.

March 12 2013, SURF Seminar Proivisioning

March 12th, 2013 - SURFnet and iWelcome Seminar

SURFnet and iWelcome realized a pilot for the provisioning of user accounts within the SURFconext infrastructure to Google. The SURFconext infrastructure for online collaboration gives users access to services provided by various different providers, which they can apply within a single environment. SURFconext is considered to be the online collaboration platform for the Dutch Higher Education, ultimately connecting over a million users.

In order to create accounts automatically in the connected systems on SURFconext, iWelcome delivered its Cloud based Provisioning Engine integrating 2 universities with SURFconext and Google. 

The overall results of this pilot will be presented in a seminar, to be held at the SURFnet Office.

Date: 12 March 2013

Time: 9:30 - 12:00 hrs

Location: Utrecht, SURFnet Office

Click here for more details, agenda and registration.

About SURF
SURF is the collaborative organization for higher education institutes and research institutes aimed at breakthrough innovations in ICT. SURF provides the foundation for the excellence of higher education and research in the Netherlands. 

February 29, 2012 SIG SURF Cloud

February 29th, 2012
SIG Conference Cloud Implementations
The Special Interest Group Cloud Implementations from the Dutch educational SURF Foundation is organizing a conference to inform the higher educational institutes about the latest cloud implementations. iWelcome is presenting and live demo the iWelcome Cloud Identity solution, including password management service. 

About SURF

SURF is the collaborative organization for higher education institutes and research institutes aimed at breakthrough innovations in ICT. SURF provides the foundation for the excellence of higher education and research in the Netherlands. Click here for the Special Interest Group - Cloud website (in Dutch)

January 17, 2012 eHerkenning Masterclass

January 17th, 2012
eHerkenning Masterclass
eRecognition (in Dutch: eHerkenning) is organizing an ICT Masterclass for governmental organizations who would like to be informed about the latest updates from the eRecognition organization.  

About eRecognition

The eRecognition program me enables businesses to arrange their affairs with government bodies electronically by maximizing public-private cooperation: accredited private sector providers issue business and authorities with proven e-identity, authentication and authorization solutions.

Nov 23, ISSE

November 22-23, 2011
ISSE 2011

iWelcome will be present during the 2011 ISSE Conference in Prague, Europe's biggest independent security conference. With a presentation on the 23rd of November and a booth in the exhibition hall, iWelcome will brief the attendees about the latest developments within the iWelcome Identity Management as a Service offering. 

About ISSE

Founded in 1999 as an initiative of the European Commission Directorate General Information Society, ISSE is Europe’s only independent, interdisciplinary security conference and exhibition.

ISSE provides a forum for sharing real life experiences and learning from experts in the field and it is renowned for its rich educational content and unbiased perspective - no sales pitches, just actionable information.

September 21, 2011 Surf Cloud Vendor day

September 21st, 2011
SurfNet Cloud Vendor Day
SURF is responding to the market's trend about Cloud Computing with the SURF's position paper about Cloud Computing. On September 21st SURF Foundation is organizing a Cloud Vendor Day to inform the Dutch higher education community about their initial results made by the SURF-taskforce cloud. Also iWelcome is one of the invitees to talk about her (educational) market proposition and solution for Cloud Based Identity Management.

About SURF

SURF is the collaborative organization for higher education institutes and research institutes aimed at breakthrough innovations in ICT. SURF provides the foundation for the excellence of higher education and research in the Netherlands. 

September 20, 2011 PVIB Capita Selecta - copy

September 20th, 2011
PvIB Capita Selecta
PvIB is organizing information seminars for briefing it's members about the last trends on information security. Within this seminar iWelcome is asked to give an overview on Cloud Based Identity Management being one of the security topics for Cloud Computing. 

About PvIB

PvIB is the centre of expertise in the Netherlands for information security. PvIB's platform collects, improves and presents information, experiences and knowledge in the area of information security. 

June 8-9, 2011 EEMA conference

June 8-9, 2011
The European e-Identity Conference
For 2011, EEMA will organise their 24th Annual conference in Tallin, Estonia. This interactive two-day event is Europe's leading forum for critical security infrastructure and tackles the key issues in effectively managing Government, employee, citizen and private identities. 

The annual conference regularly attracts 150 people from commercial and public sectors. Everett and iWelcome present a challenging proposition: 'IAM... Why not take it from the Cloud'. 
For the conference agenda please click this link.

About EEMA 

For two decades EEMA has led the industry by assisting its member’s to gain a competitive advantage by investing in applied identity and security systems and services as well as investigating & leading current industry issues. This is the only community event that enables delegates to examine these issues in depth whilst networking with peers, making this annual event an invaluable and unique occasion.

Everett and iWelcome are member of EEMA and are also represented in the board of directors by Robert Garskamp - senior project manager at Everett.

June 7-9, 2011 Cloud Security Summit

June 7-9, 2011 
Cloud Security Forum and CISO Summit

iWelcome and Everett sponsor the Cloud Security Forum on the 7th of June (Best Practices for Secure Cloud Computing: Risks, Threats, Governance & Compliance Strategies for Operating in the Cloud) and the CISO Summit on the 8th and 9th of June (Cyber Crime, Risk Resilience & Security Governance - What do the Next 5 Years Hold? How are Key Areas Maturing).  For more information view the brochure or the conference website.

iWelcome's Gerald Horst, will present on behalf of iWelcome | Everett on June 7th: Ready or Not - the Cloud Era has arrived! New business applications are more apt to be delivered as a service (SaaS) over the World Wide Web. Well outside the direct control of our IT administrators who used to be able to centrally direct and control authentication and provisioning. 

According to Gartner, by 2011, a vast 25% of new business software will be delivered via SaaS. This "Move to the Cloud" is driving new demands for identity management and Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities over multiple applications. Everett's new cloud service called iWelcome can support your businesses and users with personalized, secure and easy access to your most important SaaS applications. 

May 26th, 2011 - Heliview

May 26, 2011 
Heliview Identity & Access Management Conference - 'the safe way to information'

On the 26th of May Everett sponsors the Heliview Event at the Intres Conference Center in Hoevelaken, The Netherlands.

Toby Wright, CTO of Everett UK's client Telegraph Media Group will present on behalf of Everett: 

'Securing our Clouds @ Telegraph Media Group':

  • in a constantly changing business environment.
  • governed application access is key.
  • for 'on-premise' and cloud-based applications.
  • The solution: access control and compliancy through IAM.
  • providing identity federation and managed entitlements.

May 12th, 2011 - SurfNet

May 12, 2011
Seminar Identity Management as as Service: a new hype or a proven service?

On May 12th, SURFacademy organizes an Identity and Access Management seminar with key topic: Cloud Technology for Identity & Access Management, what are the options and possibilities? 

Leading service companies like Atos Origin, iWelcome and IGI will present their vision and capabilities and share knowledge and know-how of the Identity-as-a-service space. 

The Amsterdamse Hogechool voor de Kunsten en de Hogeschool van Amsterdam will share their feedback and experience with using such services.  Please check the program contents here.