About iWelcome

100% of organizations use ICT systems in their core and secondary processes! And therefore all of them need an identity & access management infrastructure, of which 90% of the basis functionality is the same! However 90% of them have their own ICT department implement these complex infrastructures!  Even though it is known that 80% of middleware projects fail, run over budget, or delay significantly, while 75% of the learning curve is lost... 95% of organizations collaborate over the organization’s border! And today 50% of companies use SaaS or outsource ICT, but still less then 1% of companies use a Service Provider for their Identity and Access Lifecycle & Workspace management! "

Collectively they've burned hundreds of millions of €,... That's why we've build iWelcome!

iWelcome founded by IAM veterans

iWelcome was founded by visionary people with solid track records in implementing identity & Access Management solutions for enterprises in the European market space.

They firmly believe that with the current maturity and adoption of identity & access management technologies, the rise of Cloud models, Social Media being mainstream today and the world having turned mobile, the corporate ICT landscape is changing rapidly. The benefits of 'as-a-service' are clear. The requirements for Identity and Access management obvious. And the notion that accessing information and ICT resources should be as frictionless and easy as you have become customary to in your private ICT use, has turned into a business requirement by itself! iWelcome has melted this into one single online service.

iWelcome: the Red Carpet to the Virtual Office

iWelcome offers a personalised, secure and integrated experience with all of the company's business applications, impartial to their origin: located in-house and on-premise, or from value chain partners, governments or SaaS providers. iWelcome is a red-carpet experience to the virtual office! By invitation only! All that users need to remember is one username and password or just a token, iWelcome takes care of the rest.

iWelcome provides Identity & Access Management as a Cloud service (IDaaS). iWelcome services medium and large enterprises, institutes and government organizations. iWelcome is certified by the Dutch Government as an Identity Broker.